Additional Costs You Should Factor In When Buying a Motel Using a Mortgage


If you are applying for a mortgage to buy a motel, it is important to factor in all the associated costs. This will help you determine an accurate sum of money that you need from the lender. When buying a motel, a common mistake made by buyers is accounting for the price of the property alone. They forget about other charges associated with acquiring a business of such nature. You should be aware of other costs to determine whether you have money to cater for them, or include them in your mortgage application.

23 February 2016

The Easiest 3-Step Decluttering Guide for Superfluous-Stuff-Stashers


Are you getting ready to declutter your home? If so, you probably already know that research indicates that decluttering can help eradicate stress, depression, and many other health issues. Deciding to spring clean is the first step on your road to a healthy, happy, harmonious life. If you've always been a stasher of superfluous stuff you don't really need, congratulations on making the big start! The next step is a little more complicated -- what do you actually need to do to keep your home clutter-free, and how can you do it in as little time as possible?

29 January 2016

Why a Single Storey House May Be Better Than a Multi Storey House

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Many people wonder whether they should build a single-storey home or a multi-storey home. This article discusses some of the reasons why it may be better to ask a new homebuilder to construct a single-storey home for you. Less Noise Single-storey homes tend to be less noisy than multiple-storey homes. This is because there are no vibrations from footsteps of people walking on the upper floors. Additional soundproofing costs have to be met if you would like to dampen the sound of footsteps in a multi-storied.

11 January 2016

Property Management Inspection Methods

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When you hire a service for body corporate management, you are paying for a service that will essentially be your eyes and ears on your propert. This is why it is extremely important for them to create and stick to a strict schedule for regular inspections of your properties. There are many property owners who do not fully understand the amount of damage that can be caused by one bad tenant.

4 January 2016

Is Self-Managing a Rental Property a Good Idea?

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Some 7.9% of Australians own an investment property (which is just over 1.76 million people). A significant proportion of these properties are residential and are rented to tenants. Perhaps you're considering purchasing a property to rent, or already own one and manage it yourself. Is self-managing an investment property really the best way to go? There are both positive and negative aspects of doing the job yourself and you really need to consider if you want to commit to the necessary effort of property management or pay someone else to take care of it for you.

11 December 2015

Securing your retirement with commercial property investment

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While residential property often captures the headlines of investment blogs, commercial real estate (renting to businesses rather than people) can be just as positive an investment. Here are reasons that commercial real estate can be a great investment to help fund your retirement. Better rental returns Commercial real estate has higher average rental returns compared to residential properties. Yields can range from5 to 10 percent, and this can be an ideal way to maximise income during retirement.

24 November 2015

Is a Discount Broker Right for You?


You may need the services of a real estate agent if you want to buy a property. The degree to which you require his or her services will depend on several factors (such as your experience in finding the best home for your needs). Under normal circumstances, a buyer's agent takes part in all steps of the process (such as searching for a home, negotiating the sale and helping you to get financing).

12 November 2015