Real Estate: 4 Ideas to Protect Your Investment Property from Pet Damage

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When planning to rent out your real estate investment property, making it pet friendly could fetch you more demand and higher rental returns in the long run, so you might want to consider this choice for your house. More importantly, pet-friendly homes could attract long-term leases, reducing your hassle of looking for new tenants regularly. But making a home pet-friendly comes with certain inevitable damages to your home. Here are some ideas to protect your real estate investment property from pet damage.

28 October 2015

Rental Properties | 4 Golden Rules To Buy Properties With Enhanced Renting Potential

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Buying investment properties for the purpose of renting is a great way to earn an extra income if you can afford it. But you'll need to ensure that you purchase rental properties that tenants want. Here are some golden rules to help you buy properties with enhanced renting potential. Location is Pivotal To Your Success If you're looking for houses for sale, choosing the right location is pivotal to your success as a landlord, so you'll want to be smart when purchasing rental properties.

23 October 2015

Reasons Builders Should Use Thermal Imaging Technology

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Generally, thermal imaging was associated with industrial use. However, over time, they have started being incorporated in both residential as well as commercial buildings. They can be used for a myriad of applications, making it easy to detect problems and anomalies that builders would not be able to easily diagnose with their naked eye. Here are some of the reasons why builders should make use of thermal imaging technology during their construction processes.

22 October 2015