The Importance of Inspections and Disclosure in Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, it is critical that you have the property inspected and that you disclose any issues that are required by law to disclose. For example, you may be legally required to disclose lead, asbestos or other toxins in the home. Failure to do these things can result in fines or other issues. However, it isn't always easy for real estate buyers and sellers to know what they need to do. Hi, my name is Mary. I have been investing in real estate since the week after I left uni. I love it, and I have learned a lot along the way. I want to help and inform others so I decided to make this blog. I hope you find it useful.

Tips on Keeping Your Office Carpets in Pristine Condition


Carpets are a preferred flooring option in modern offices because they give a warm and inviting feel and can be used to create a professional look with their extensive color and fabric selections. In addition, carpeting can moderate the noise made when people are walking in heels and other noisy footwear. But that aside, carpets require professional cleaning because they can trap large volumes of dirt and show very little of it. To keep your carpets in mint condition for as long as possible, here are some things you can do in-between the visits a professional cleaner makes to your office.

Vacuum frequently

You need to vacuum your carpets as regularly you can. This is because the dirt on your floors builds up with every passing day, and waiting until a professional can come to your premises can cause your carpets to deteriorate prematurely. By reducing the amount of dirt that stays on your carpets, regular vacuuming minimizes the cumulative abrasive effect of dirt, which can penetrate deep into the fibers of carpets if left unattended. Make sure to acquire vacuum cleaners that suit your work environment. If your office is congested, consider using backup vacuums, which are easy to lift around in tight spaces, for example.

Attend to spills on the spot

Liquid spills are bound to occur on your carpets occasionally even if you have dished out instructions to discourage such happenings. You have clearly communicated that no beverages should be taken in the office place but a certain employee decides that he or she can take their coffee there while no one is watching them. When a spill occurs, it should be cleaned off immediately so that it does not turn into a stubborn stain. Therefore, it is important to provide employees with general carpet cleaning supplies like cleaning rags to help promptly clean up a spill.

Place mats and rugs in areas with high-traffic

It is one thing to have carpets that call for replacement due to normal aging or fading, but it is a big loss of investment to need new carpets because the existing ones are unevenly worn. This situation can arise when some parts of your carpets experience more foot traffic compared to others. Using mats in main entrances, in and outside interior doors, and below office desks can go a long way in ensuring that your carpets do not wear irregularly. Also, consider placing rugs on busy hallways.

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20 July 2016