The Importance of Inspections and Disclosure in Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, it is critical that you have the property inspected and that you disclose any issues that are required by law to disclose. For example, you may be legally required to disclose lead, asbestos or other toxins in the home. Failure to do these things can result in fines or other issues. However, it isn't always easy for real estate buyers and sellers to know what they need to do. Hi, my name is Mary. I have been investing in real estate since the week after I left uni. I love it, and I have learned a lot along the way. I want to help and inform others so I decided to make this blog. I hope you find it useful.

Investment Properties | 4 Tricks To Attract Young Professionals To Your Investment Property

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Turning your property investment into an attractive proposition for young professionals requires some work, but the effort will pay off in the end when you are successfully able to reach out to this demographic. Young professionals are willing to pay a little more to avail themselves of certain comforts and amenities, so you could end up turning a better rental profit than you imagined. Here are some tricks to attract young professionals to your property investment.

Choose Properties Close to Business Districts

Young professionals are most likely engaged in regular Monday through Friday jobs in the business districts of big cities, so you'll want to choose a home that's close to the city to reduce the travel time of your potential tenants. You'll also want to ensure that the property is convenienty located within walking distance to public transport, because some professionals may prefer travelling by train or bus to avoid paying expensive parking charges in the business districts.

Make Sure You Pick a House in a Vibrant Environment

Senior citizens tend to look for solitude, while families are interested in child-friendly amenities. Unlike them, young professionals want to live in vibrant environments near restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, bars and beaches. Choose a neighbourhood that resonates with the lifestyle of young professionals, such as popular coastal locations or bar-friendly suburbs, which will ensure that your rental property has higher demand from this demographic. The neighbourhood and building should also be able to adjust to the late-night lifestyles of these youngsters, so be sure to do proper research before your property investment.

Furnish Your Home For Maximum Rental Returns

Young professionals sometimes tend to move around from city to city, so they may end up looking for versatile accommodation that can manage this lifestyle. Since they tend to move around or simply don't want the hassle of moving furniture in and out of homes, you may want to equip your home with basic furnishings to meet their needs more easily. Setting up your property investment with television sets, microwaves, sofas, beds, wardrobes and Internet connections is more likely to help you maximise your returns, because young professionals are willing to pay a little extra to avoid the hassle of buying and moving things on their own. You can even hire a property investment service, such as PEB Group Pty Ltd, to manage the home on your behalf if you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself.

Make Sure the Home Has Some Outdoor Space

Everyone likes the idea of having some outdoor space, even if it is small. This idea works well with young professionals, because they are most likely cooped up in enclosed offices all day. Having some outdoor space will give them a sense of relaxation after stressful work days. It is also a great option for them to entertain their friends. Having a small balcony or patio will likely push up the demand for your property investment.

Use these smart tricks if you're looking to attract young professionals to your property investment.


30 October 2015