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Reasons Builders Should Use Thermal Imaging Technology

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Generally, thermal imaging was associated with industrial use. However, over time, they have started being incorporated in both residential as well as commercial buildings. They can be used for a myriad of applications, making it easy to detect problems and anomalies that builders would not be able to easily diagnose with their naked eye. Here are some of the reasons why builders should make use of thermal imaging technology during their construction processes.

Easily locate electrical problems

Buildings comprise an insurmountable number pf circuit breakers, motors and a range of other types of electrical equipment. To be confident that each and every one of these components is working properly, you would have to check them individually. This is not something that can be done conveniently. If there were an electrical problem in the building you are constructing and cannot pin it down, then a thermal imaging system would be your best bet.

This technology enables the contractors to take various measurements of the entire building. For example, if one of the motors has malfunctioned, the thermal imaging reading will show a heat signature on its bell housing. This is a faster and efficient way of pinpointing the electrical problems without having to check different components trying to rule them out. Thermal imaging technology can also aid in spotting any loose connections that may be present in the building, hence reducing the risk of an electrical fire breaking out.

Evaluate the thermal performance of the building

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to building is how energy efficient they are. You may try to make it as energy conserving as possible but find that your building is still experiencing heat loss from the pipes, the walls, the heating and ventilation system and much more. One thing to note is that the infrared cameras do not actually read the temperature of the air. However, they do measure how the temperature impacts a surface. For instance, if there is air infiltrating through your windows, you cannot fix the heat loss until that infiltration has been addressed.

Additionally, thermal imaging can be used during the construction phase to ensure that insulation is being installed appropriately. Once the insulation is in place, the thermal imaging technology can check for any anomalies, enabling you to spot a problem before construction on the building is complete. This makes it more convenient as you will not have to consider additional energy saving strategies once you have affirmed that the insulation of the building is in working order.  

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22 October 2015